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Your Choice Meal program at Hy-Vee

What is the “Your Choice” program?

Hy-Vee and Active Generations’ Nutrition Department have teamed together to offer “Your Choice Meals” to adults age 60 and over, their spouse and/or dependent adult living with them, a hot nutritious meal.

How do I sign up?

Fill out a NAPIS form that can be picked up at the Active Generations from desk, or by calling the Nutrition Department at 605-333-3305.

What do I need?

Once you have filled out the NAPIS form, you can purchase a meal ticket at Active Generations’ information window.

What is the cost?

Persons over the age of 60 are asked to contribute as much as they can afford towards the cost of the meal.  The average donation is $5.00 per meal.

How do I use the “Your Choice” card?

The diner presents their punch card to the deli counter and selects a meal from the designated menu.
Using the “Your Choice” dining card is easy and convenient.  After you select your meal, the staff will punch your meal card.

Sample Hy-Vee Breakfast Menu (served 6am – 11am)

  1. Early Bird: 2 eggs, bacon or sausage, toast or fruit.
  2. Sunrise Breakfast: 1 egg, choice of bacon or sausage and slice of toast.
  3. Morning Melt: Choice of English Muffin or Biscuit with 1 egg with cheese and either bacon, sausage or ham.
  4. Cheesy Omelet: 2 eggs with cheese and a side of fruit.
  5. Farm House Sandwich: Sourdough bread with 2 eggs, cheese and choice of bacon or sausage.

** Breakfast meal served with choice of milk, apple juice or orange juice

** Doesn’t include coffee, chocolate milk or fresh squeezed orange juice

Sample Hy-Vee Lunch/Dinner Menu (served 11am – 8pm)

Choose a pre-dished meal from the Hickory Case.

Lunch/Dinner meal served with fruit cup, bread & choice of milk, apple juice or orange juice.

** Doesn’t include coffee, chocolate milk or fresh squeezed orange juice.