Help Active Generations to meet the needs of the Sioux Empire's growing age population.

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Center for Active Generations West
2300 W. 46th St. Sioux Falls, SD 57105
Center for Active Generations East
5500 E. Active Generations Place Sioux Falls, SD 57110

Help Active Generations to meet the needs of the Sioux Empire's growing aging population.

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President’s Report

President’s Report

October 2023

Exciting times at Active Generations. On September 1st, our new East side campus opened. The successful opening is a great addition to Sioux Falls and will offer more accessible services to anyone living on the east side of Sioux Falls and the surrounding area. The new center offers Active Generations Day Break services as well as an expansive fitness center, dining area and pickleball courts.More exciting news was celebrated on September 6th at the Community Appeals Campaign Wrap-up. Dave H. and Christine Billion presented Active Generations with a generous donation. A perfect way to end the Capital Appeals Campaign!The campaign chairs, leadership team, and volunteers donate their professional and personal time to make this a success, and they are a strong reason Sioux Falls is the amazing community we enjoy each day. They are listed below. Thank you to this team!With 94% of our goal and two parts of our campaign completed, we will now enter our third and final portion campaign. We are thrilled to launch our Friends and Family campaign! Thank youto those that have committed support for expanding our programs and services through two locations.You are appreciated!Our Sioux Falls Area Chamber Ribbon Cutting and Mixer will be held on Tuesday, October 10th with the ribbon cutting at 4pm and the Mixer beginning at 4:30pm. It will be a great day for ActiveGenerations!We are also now beginning to update and refresh our main location. You will see this through some updated flooring to ensure a safer surface for activities, fitness room equipment, and paint colors throughout. We are excited about these updates!As we move forward, we will be constructing a format for room rentals for members and nonmembers at both locations. Stay tuned as these universal rates will be implemented soon.On September 1st, Active Generations introduced new membership options which are more inclusive.Your membership is good at both locations. The new options include activities and the fitness room, which previously were paid for each time the member participated. Active Generations is a fitness and wellness provider for some Medicare insurance plans. Bronze membership is offered to members enrolled under theseMedicare insurance plans. A list of those insurances is provided in this newsletter.We hope you are enjoying the excitement of having two locations. We have received so many compliments regarding our programs and services being provided to more people in our community and accessibility for all of you and our volunteers. Enjoy the beginning of Fall and being “Active”…..socially, mentally, and physically!

Take care,

Gerald Beninga
Active Generations President & CEO
[email protected]