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Thurs May 30 Bean Bags & BeerEast • outdoors • 5 - 7 pm

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The choice to place your loved one in the care of others is deeply personal and often stressful. We hope to alleviate any concerns you may have and pledge to be your partner in providing a meaningful life for your loved one.

Here are answers to many of the questions we receive frequently.

Who do you provide care for?

Adult Day Services are designed for adults who may not be able to safely care for themselves because they:

  • Diagnosed with Dementia, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s Disease 
  • Have physical impairments or chronic health conditions 
  • Need assistance with activities of daily living 
  • Experience depression or other mental health disorders 
  • Are frail, socially isolated, or unsafe alone at home

How does a person enroll or get more information?

For additional information, to arrange for a tour, or to begin the enrollment process, please call Adult Day Services at (605) 336-6751 option #2 and ask to speak to Molly Keegan or Deb Gross or email [email protected] or [email protected].

I feel guilty about considering an Adult Day Service for my loved one and am unsure if it would benefit my loved one.

Our participating families find that their loved ones are happier, healthier and enjoy life more due to our Adult Day Service programs. Adult Day gives your loved one a chance to make new friends, try different activities and feel a renewed sense of purpose.

My loved one was never one to participate in a lot of group activities or does not have many hobbies – How will I get him/her to attend? What do I do when my loved one says they are okay at home and do not want to attend the program?

People who were never particularly interested in group activities or had many hobbies seem to adjust to the daily routines and benefit from the stimulation and opportunities for socialization. However, the staff respects the participant’s right to observe an activity or to retire to a quiet area for some personal time.

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Is a physician’s referral required?

Although many physicians recommend Adult Day Services, a doctor’s referral is not necessary for attendance.

What about transportation?

Adult Day Services staff help participants access information about local transportation services. Sioux Area Metro Paratransit, Worker’s on Wheels, Project Car, and Home Health Agencies are a few organizations who may provide transportation to Adult Day Services for families unable to provide transportation themselves.

Do you offer therapy services?

Adult Day Services will accommodate therapy services (physical, speech and occupational therapy) to conduct therapies at all locations. Therapies are available with physicians’ orders through an independent therapy agency and can be billed to Medicare or private insurance.

Are meals included? What about special diets?

A nutritious breakfast, hydration break and snacks are served daily along with a Meals on Wheels lunch prepared through the Active Generations Nutrition Program.