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Meal Program Cost

Eligibility and Cost

You do NOT need to be a member of Active Generations to dine with us!

Anyone 60 years of age or over, their spouse or individuals with disabilities who reside at home with an older individual eligible under OAA guidelines, is eligible for our congregate meal program. Persons under 60 years of age may participate at full cost of the meal.

Active Generations has experienced an increase in the costs of raw and catered food, fuel, and other expenses. Your generous donations to Active Generations’ Nutrition program are what make this program work for you and your community. No one will be turned away even if they are unable to contribute to the cost of the service . Please remember that the amounts listed below are suggested donation amounts and that we encourage guests to contribute what they feel is appropriate. The suggested donation is based on household income.

Suggested Donation is $5.00 (as of June 1st 2023)
Full Cost of the Meal is $7.95

A completed National Aging Program Information System (NAPIS) form is required for donation meals eligibility.

Your meal is sponsored in part by the National Senior Nutrition Project. We can offer your meals for a donation because the State of South Dakota and the Federal Government reimburse us for part of the cost. If you are 60 or over and wish to dine, for a donation, the Federal Government requires that we have a NAPIS form filled out by you and returned to us one time per year. Your information is kept confidential. If you do not have a NAPIS form on file with us, we have no choice but to charge you the full cost of the meal, which is $7.95. If you have not yet completed your NAPIS form for 2023, please visit Active Generations Information window, or by calling Samantha or Beth at 333-3305 for a NAPIS forms and assistance. Thank you for your cooperation.