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Fitness Classes and Schedules

Get in shape, stay in shape and have fun doing it. Active Generations offers a wide variety of fitness classes to suit all schedules. Classes are designed to be a perfect fit for any age or ability. 

There are monthly charges for each class based on how many times a class meets in the month.  You can sign-up for all fitness classes at the Active Generations’ information desk.


  1.  Traditional method of payment for 1 specific class lasting a whole month (cost varies based on class)
  2.  AG Fitness Class Punch Card!  Can be purchased anytime!  $40 per card with 10 punches = 10 classes.  Expires after 60 days OR $20 per card with 5 punches = 5 classes.  Expires after 30 days.  This payment option provides course flexibility, allows you to attend more than one type of class and fits your exercise regimen into your personal schedule.

Please consult your physician before starting any exercise program.  You must be an Active Generations’ member to attend classes. 

For upcoming activities in the Fitness Center check our calendar