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Thurs May 30 Bean Bags & BeerEast • outdoors • 5 - 7 pm

National Pickleball Day

August 8, 2023
Some of the information taken from the Internet

Active Generations’ Pickleball will be at both locations. (Inside at the Main building & Inside and Outside on the Eastside)! Keep you posted on the exact hours for each building. More opportunities to play. Help spread the word.


History Timeline
National Pickleball Day is on August 8, and we are here to show you can celebrate
the day in a fun-filled way. Do you know that it has been 57 years since Pickleball was
invented? The game combines traditional lawn tennis, ping-pong, a.k.a. table tennis,
and badminton. The game is played with ping-pong rackets on a badminton court with a
tennis net. Similar to tennis, but is less challenging, it’s suitable for people of all ages. National
Pickleball Day was created in 2021 to encourage people to learn to play pickleball.
The popularity of the game increased exponentially. It is noteworthy that in just three
years, from 2016 to 2019, the number of people playing pickleball reached 3.3 million. In
2021, pickleball was declared the fastest-growing sport in the United States by the Sport
and Fitness Association.

Is pickleball a national sport? Several pickleball tournaments have been held in recent
years. Many national and international pickleball championships have been organized.
What is a poacher in pickleball? A player is called a poacher if they decide to cross the
center line and enter their partner’s area of the court. This is usually done during a rally
to surprise the opponent and to play offense.

Which is the hardest shot in pickleball? The third drop shot is supposed to be the
hardest shot in pickleball. It is a shot performed near the baseline that lands softly in the
opponent’s non-volley zone. It is designed to allow your team time to get further toward
the net.

• An underarm serve is used. The serve in a pickleball game is done underarm and to the
service court area of the opponent.
• There is a kitchen zone. The non-volley zone, called the kitchen, is an area covering
seven feet from either side of the net.
• There are several ways to fault. There are 10 ways by which you can commit a fault.
• Volleying on return is fault. Volleying on a service return is considered a fault.
• It is an 11-point system. The player or team to get 11 points first with a two-point
lead, wins the game.

It gives us a chance to be active. Pickleball requires you to be active but at the same
time, it is not demanding on the body. Pickleball is perfect for people who want to stay
active, but don’t want to torture their bodies.

It allows us to have family & friends time. Pickleball provides the perfect opportunity
for families & friends to come together and share an activity. It brings families & friends
closer and strengthens bonds.

It gives us a chance to learn something new. Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing
sports in the United States. It has a short learning curve and people can pick it up after
playing for just five minutes. Join Pickleball…try something NEW!