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Gold’n Silver Drama Club

The Gold’n Silver Drama Club has been in existence since 1998 and provides Active Generations’ members an opportunity to “act up”! This club puts on two major productions each year as well as entertains at monthly birthdays.  Are you a “Drama King”?  How about a “Drama Queen”?  Do you like to act out front of others?  Like being the center of attention?  Yes?  No?  Know a great story or have a joke or two to tell?  Well…maybe not quite as dramatic as that.  However, do yo have a creative side that is aching to show itself?  Or maybe some hidden talent that you would like to share.  How about an artist that can create an interesting poster or simple set?  We can also use people who have creative writing skills, that can write short plays that we can act out.  We are looking for people like you!  Even if you think that you have no talent, we need people to help out behind the scenes.  So come join us!  Inquire at the Information Window. 

Happiness is…(2017 Fall Follies)

For upcoming dates check our calendar


“We are Back” – 2021 Spring Follies

Gold'n Silver Drama Club | Active Generations

Join the Gold’n Silver Drama Club!  Be a part of the fun!  The only requirement is ENTHUSIASM!!

Gold'n Silver Drama Club | Active Generations