Monthly President’s Report


The last few weeks have been full of life challenges.  Most of the time, our personal and professional networks that we have around us strengthen us and help us cope with some of these events.

As I think about these issues, I’m amazed how we are supported by people who stop along the “highway of life” to help us reach our destination.

We have friends, relatives, or total strangers making a difference when we need them the most.  I’m sure we all can share stories about receiving unexpected support and not able to repay our “volunteer angels.”

Every day I have the privilege of listening or observing people in my community functions who do incredible things for friends, families, and even total strangers.

We have all been told many times that we are to share our time, talent and financial resources.

Active Generations has opportunities for each of us to expand current programs and services or enhance new activities that support the 15,000 participants we serve in our region and throughout the state.

Your involvement matters!  We would welcome the opportunity to share with you the opportunities you can pursue to make a difference whether with time, talent or financial resources.

Our personal investment in the quality of life activities we engage in, makes a significant difference for everyone.  Either for friends, family, or people we don’t even know.