Monthly President’s Report

October 2021


In an article from the Cleveland Clinic, published in “Parade” magazine, the question was asked “Is Retirement Good for My Health?”  The article focused on three areas to consider in addition to financial stability – social engagement, intellectual stimulation, and physical activity.

The article suggests connecting with others who share your own interests, maintaining relationships via phone, Facebook, or in person.  It also mentions how stimulating your mind can lower your risk of dementia.  Some ideas to do so include volunteering, utilizing online puzzles or applications, or serving on a nonprofit board.

Finally, exercise is recommended for numerous reasons, and it doesn’t need to be a sweat-inducing process.  Even stretching, balance-boosting routines, and low-impact cardio can have lasting health benefits.

Lucky for you, all these areas of interest can be found here at Active Generations!  As we roll into the fall season, we encourage you to stay active – it is good for your health!

In reference to your health, we encourage you to receive both of your vaccinations if you haven’t already.  The Delta variant is not likely to be spread if you have been inoculated.  Not only do we have a responsibility to ourselves and our families, but also to the people with whom we engage.  

We do not require masks at Active Generations (except in our Adult Day Services programs); however, we request those who have not received both shots wear a mask when participating in any in-house activities.  We will have one available for your use if you forget one.

Thank you for getting your shots – around 90% of our Active Generations population has had both vaccinations!  Your safety is our priority.  With your continued support we will get through this virus/strain quicker.


Gerald Beninga
President & CEO
[email protected]