Monthly President’s Report

April 2021

As I write this, March 10th, 2021, it occurs to me that it was a year ago we began his horrible journey with the COVID-19 pandemic.  This historic date is one experience we  hope we will never see again.

There has been so much grief, stress, and unknowns for so long that make it difficult to write about this tragic event.  We will never forget the people we lost, those who lost their jobs, families broken due to relationship challenges, and the list of loss goes on and on.  Our hearts will always remember everyone and the difficulties they experienced.

However, we have new optimism with the vaccines nearing completion for the higher risk individuals in Group 1-C either starting or completing their 2nd dose.  As each group receives their shot(s), we are encouraged that life may be renewed and a new normal is emerging; one that resembles our life before COVID.

We ill never be able to personally thank everyone who has dedicated their lives to keep us healthy, especially the health care systems at Avera Health, Sanford Health, and the Veterans Health Systems.  You are truly HEROES!  We know there are other groups who sacrificed unbelievable time and energy as well such as the ambulance services, fire rescue, and police departments; your dedication and support are incredible.

A very special group of people for me are the people who have gone way about and beyond their normal functions.  I never thought we would ask staff, volunteers, and participants to make systematic changes to how, when, and why we would deliver programs and services.  This includes volunteers who delivered meals on wheels in record numbers, staff who kept in touch with home bound participants, those who provided virtual programming to keep individuals engaged in remote activities, and staff exceeding our needs for flexibility and safety to serve people who needed our help.  YOU TRULY ARE ALSO HEREOS!

Lastly, we ask you to continue your behavior of wearing a mask and practice social distancing  until the community reaches the next level of vaccines.  This is identified as Group 1-E.

After we start vaccinating this group, we will decide if we lift the mask requirement and social distancing recommendations at Active Generations.

Thank you for your support in making sure we keep everyone healthy.