Monthly President’s Report

October 2017

Written by Val Lietz, Program Development & Communication Director for Activities

Due to a family emergency, Gerald was not able to write his article this month.  He asked me to think of something to cover that might be different so here is my attempt at that . . .

For this article, I went out to Google to get some ideas and typed in “active seniors and how they stay that way”.  The first article that came up was titled “8 Ways to Help Older Adults to Stay Active and Engaged” from “”.  The suggested “ways” were:

1 Adult Day Programs (Day Break / Ceili Cottage)

2 Senior Centers (Activities including Exercise, Events, Clubs)

3 Meals on Wheels (Nutrition, MOW)

4 In Home Caregivers (Workers on Wheels, CAREgivers)

5 Pets (Animeals)

6 Peer Counseling (SHIINE, AARP Tax Aide)

7 Jobs, Volunteering, Education (BRIDGES, All Departments, Life Long Learning & Computer Classes)

8 Community Based Non-Profits (Active Generations as a whole!)

On September 14, we had people from the Marshall, MN senior center come for a tour of our facility.  The director, activity director and 5 members wanted to see how we did things at Active Generations and how we handle the large number of people we serve.  They, like us, are running out of space and looking for new ideas for programming and membership growth.  They were hoping to find some solutions here and share insight.  In the hour that followed, they reopened my eyes to how different and wonderful Active Generations truly is even among similar facilities.

I was reminded that Active Generations offers all of these “Ways to Stay Active and Engaged” all under one roof and that this is NOT the norm.  Most senior centers, including Marshall and most of them in other towns around us, offer two or three of these services.  They may have lunch, some group activities, offer the occasional card game or seminar, but that leaves out quite a bit of what we do here.  Since this is our “normal” we take it for granted sometimes.

As you hear more about the future of Active Generations and a second site, keep in mind what an opportunity for the stability of our community we have here already.  An expansion would offer this opportunity to even more people with the growth of Sioux Falls and surrounding communities.  We are unique in the community, unique in the industry and our members, volunteers and clients are the reason for our success!