Monthly President’s Report

June 2020

Welcome Back!!  It will be great to see all of your smiling faces even if it is covered by a mask.

In these unprecedented times, the staff at Active Generations is committed to keeping our members, clients, and visitors safe while still providing the excellent services and activities you have come to expect from us. 

We have consulted with the City of Sioux Falls and the State of South Dakota health departments and have designed a re-opening plan. 

Some people may expect nothing to change, while others will assume everything will be different.

Our “Back to the New Normal” plan contains the following actions to facilitate stepping into a new normal:

  1. Social Distancing requirements have been placed strategically around the center in all traffic areas.
  2. Health and Safety screenings upon entering the building are required (Health questionnaire will be used, and temperatures will be also taken).
  3. The West Entrance is the only entrance open for Activities.
  4. Hand sanitizer has been placed around the center in close proximity to high traffic areas.
  5. Furniture has been reconfigured to promote Social Distancing of 6 feet.
  6. Wearing a mask is required while in the facility until further written notice.
  7. Additional cleaning and sanitizing of frequently touched surfaces have been implemented.
  8. All surfaces and equipment will be sanitized after use.
  9. Some areas will remain closed because of higher risk. These will include the Coffee Shop and the Gift Shop.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who has supported Active Generations during these times.  All of the volunteers who continued to support the Meals on Wheels and Workers on Wheels program enabled these programs to provide much needed services.  We want to also extend a big thank you to everyone who donated to the #GivingTuesday campaign.  We raised over $3,400 to help purchase sanitizing units, disposable masks and gloves, sneeze guards, and social distancing signs and stickers to protect our members, clients, and visitors.

Take care, stay safe, and wash your hands often and wear your mask!! 

P.S.  Employees, vendors, and guests will also be required to be health and wellness screened every day.