Monthly President’s Report

March 2020

Big Things are coming for Active Generations and the east side of Sioux Falls!

You may have heard that Active Generations is planning a big expansion on the east side.  We have purchased 30 acres in the Dawley Farm Village.  The land deal took several years to finalize, as discussions with the Dawley family began in 2016.  Fittingly, Frieda Dawley was a member of Active Generations when the senior center was still downtown.

At our current site, we have added on to the parking lot three times and the building once; we are now land-locked.  We have had good growth and lots of expansion in programs during the 22 years we have been in this location.

While the final building concept is still being determined, the new Active Generations activity center will provide similar services as the current location, including leisure and recreation opportunities.  We will also incorporate space for adult day services, as the current locations have reached capacity.  The Dawley Farm location will allow more program flexibility and growth with the expanded space opportunities. 

There will also be an affordable housing apartment component at the east side location.  The Bergeland Apartments on the current campus have had very high occupancy rates, and we anticipate the new apartments will continue that trend. 

Residents and families using services at the east side Active Generations will appreciate everything offered by the new center.  The retail stores, the expansion of the bike trails behind Century Theaters, as well as access from 18th Street, Foss Avenue and Highway 100 were all attractive features of this location.  Having a senior living community next door will be a good partnership with existing businesses. 

This expansion will require significant fundraising through a Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce appeals campaign in 2021 and construction in 2022.  Prior to that, we will be working on individual gifts for the campaign as well. 

Raquel Blount of Lloyd Cos, who represented Dawley Farm Village during the deal, is excited about the east side location, too.  “We love the fact that we’ll have an amenity for our community and we know a lot of family members will be coming to visit, and that can strengthen our retailers and hopefully provide some opportunities to have some office buildings or services that cater to seniors.  We currently have three other parcels that we’re either under contract on or we’re in negotiations, so we’re pleased to see the growth in activity.”  said Blount.

Other things under construction at Dawley Farm Village right now include the Glo Hotel and Capital Services.  Avera, which has a clinic in the development now, is in the process of rezoning land it has owned since 2010 at 26th Street and Veterans Parkway, but a timeline has not been set for that yet.