Monthly President’s Report

JULY 2019

Ah, it’s that time of year again:  Summertime when people spend more time outdoors doing the things they enjoy most, such as walking, hiking, fishing, golfing, gardening, etc.  It’s also the time of the year when the humidity gets us sweating, the sun makes us tired, and the heat gets us out of breath.  While many of us still like to take advantage of the warm weather, it is important to remember that we need to take necessary safety precautions when it comes to “beating the heat.”  Whether you are at a family picnic celebrating the birth of this great nation, participating in one of our outdoor clubs, or just going about your normal daily activities, remember these 5 tips to stay cool and safe this summer.

  1. Stay Hydrated—drink plenty of water or Gatorade. Our bodies lose the ability to conserve water as we age.
  2. Dress for the Weather—try wearing lightweight layers and loose-fitting clothing which helps your body maintain a cool temperature.
  3. Wear Sun Protection—As we age, our skin becomes more susceptible to sun damage so make sure to wear sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses if you plan to be outdoors for any length of time.
  4. Exercise Smart—if you are an active person, you don’t have to let the summer months hold you back. Choose to exercise or go outside during the early morning or late evening when the sun isn’t as strong.
  5. Review Your Medications—talk to your doctor about your medications and how heat might affect them. Some prescriptions will not work as effectively if they have been subject to temperature changes.

Finally, Happy 4th of July!  Even with all of the tragic flooding, we are still a country united in our independence and committed to freedom as our founding fathers intended.  Let’s make this 4th of July memorable by counting our blessings, appreciating our freedom, and remembering those who fought for both.