Monthly President’s Report


Happy New Year to all of you from all of us!  We are looking forward to a great year in all the Active Generations departments and we are glad you will be along for the ride.  Great things are already happening! 

Of course, there are other great activities happening all the time at Active Generations.   Be sure to participate in the events that are highlighted in the paper this month.  AND be sure to mark your calendars for our PREMIER event coming up soon! The 18th annual Gourmet Guys will be on Sunday, April 28th

If you are like me and millions of other people, you will make New Year’s resolutions and unfortunately, most of them will fail.  After two months of high calorie consumption with friends and family, we cling to the hope that by summer we are still committed to our resolutions.  Here are three ways to increase our rate of success.

  1. THINK SMALL — It is always tempting to make a resolution that will transform you by the end of next year.  But the reality is that it’s much easier to say you will get up at 5 am to exercise than it is to actually do it.  Only make a resolution that is attainable.  Otherwise, you are setting yourself up for failure.
  2. GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK – If you cheat on your diet or skip a day of exercise, go easy on yourself. Keep in mind that this is a personal goal.  Just dust yourself off and get back on the wagon.
  3. VISUALIZE, FOCUS, AND COMMIT – Understand that any resolution, even the small ones, require constant dedication to achieve. Visualize yourself doing what you set out to do or not to do, then focus every day on your resolution, and finally commit to staying positive and you can absolutely stick to your New Year’s resolution!

May this New Year bring health, happiness and great things for all of you as well!

You may have noticed two new faces around Active Generations.  Carmen Spurling joined the Active Generations team as the Caregiver Outreach Director in November after spending 14 years working for various entities of State Government.  For more on her, please read her introductory article on page 29 of the LifeTIMES newspaper.  She is excited to get started in her new role!  Please also welcome Tiffany Gevenhausen as the part time Community Relations and Membership Retention Coordinator.  Tiffany comes to us from the Good Samaritan Society and the Muscular Dystrophy Association where she cultivated and maintained relationships with members, donors, businesses, partners, and leaders within the community.  We look forward to the expertise and leadership these two women will bring to the Active Generations team.  Welcome aboard!!