BRIDGES ERC Advisory Board

The BRIDGES ERC Advisory Board provides valuable guidance and support to help Active Generations develop programs to meet the needs of our members and the community.

If you are looking for employment, please contact the BRIDGES ERC office at 333-3318 or email [email protected] to arrange an appointment with a job coach.

Advisory Board Members:

Greg Johnson, SD Department of Labor Career Center (retired)
Jeanne Hassel, Midco
JoelleThies, Wells Fargo
Tammy Loos, HR consultant @ MaxOne Nutrition
Mellissa Moerike, Alternative HRD
Mary Kobernusz, Citi
Kathleen McNamara, Avera 
Maureen Klaudt, SD Department of Labor/Career Ctr.                                                               

Job Coaches:

Janie Illing

Bob Black

Zachary Hubbard

Samantha Turnquist

Thank you for your interest and support as we continue to build “BRIDGES” in the Sioux Falls Community.