BRIDGES Employment Resource Center


The mission of BRIDGES Employment Resource Center is to provide services to dependable workers over the age of 40, that will enhance their current job skills and provide new skills to assist them to effectively bridge the transition into meaningful employment.

Mission and Vision of Active Generations’ BRIDGES Employment Resource Center

MISSION STATEMENT: “To assist area job seekers in enhancing skills needed to be competitive in today’s job market.”

VISION STATEMENT: To develop and maintain a circle of reference between job seekers, community partners and employers, which will enhance the communication of supply and demand in the Sioux Falls’ workforce.

BRIDGES Employment Resource Center
We are open during work hours, Monday – Friday.  Our hours are scheduled around clients.  Always call first!
Phone: 605-333-3318


Reaching “retirement age doesn’t always mean “ready for retirement.” Americans live longer and continue to participate in the activities and interests they have always enjoyed. Our concept of retirement has changed. Many people 40 and older choose to continue working past traditional retirement age simply because they love to work, to be active and to be involved. Some seek employment because of economic necessity. BRIDGES Employment Resource Center can be that ‘bridge’ between retirement and employment. Our program can help you explore your options, help you enhance your current skills, and teach you valuable new skills to make you a viable candidate for a new job position.

Services available to the Older Workers:

Services available through ERC:

  • Individual Job Coaching
  • Resume Preparation and Assistance
  • Interviewing Technique Training
  • Application Preparation Assistance
  • Job Bank (
  • Employer Outreach
  • Computer Training
  • Computer Access for resume writing and internet research
  • Employment Workshops
  • Annual Job Fairs

Cost and Fee Structure:

  • Services provided to clients are free of charge. Services are available to anyone over the age 18 in the Sioux Falls area.
  • There are no charges for businesses that wish to post a job opening on our website.
  • Computer Classes are available through the Active Generations’ Computer Learning Center for a small fee or for those qualified. BRIDGES Employment Resource Center does have a sliding fee scholarship available.